CAREER AT Kapila Krishi Udyog

At Kapila Krisi Udyog, we are very passionate about winning and this has been engrained into the DNA of the organization with over the years. We are looking for people who share the same passion for winning. No matter who you are, at Kapila Krishi Udyog we provide everyone with an opportunity convert their thoughts into actionable ideas.


At Kapila Krishi Udyog, we know that it is our people who set us apart and spur our success year after year. So we’ve created a high performance culture that puts the emphasis on diversity, innovation and growth and this enables their development and ultimately ours.

Factors that will shape your career growth at Kapila Krishi Udyog

  • Core Factors These are non-negotiable; they are the qualities you must have if you’re to make the most of all the opportunities we have to offer. They include your sustainable performance, the knowledge and skills you have about your function, the business and yourself, plus your leadership skills and critical experience
  • Accelerators This is the name we give to the qualities that will determine how far and how fast you progress and develop. These include your mobility, your flexibility to move between functions and categories, how well you network and how open you are to new experiences
  • Opportunities These are the factors that are more dependent on circumstances and activities elsewhere in the business. Opportunities can spring from new roles, new positions and new assignments overseas

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